Funding Agency Counselors

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At IITR we have many items, free of charge, that we make available for promoting our programs. If you would like to order any of these items, please fill out the following form and submit it to us. We will attempt to mail out requested items within 3 business days.
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IITR Code Of Ethics

At IITR, we firmly believe if we recruit someone who is going to have barriers to employment and we don't disclose this prior to enrollment, we are not servicing the student or agency with honesty or proper ethics. Unfortunately, in many proprietary schools, this is not the case. If you suspect a potential student may have hindrances to employment, we would like to discuss their career opportunities with you in advance.

For those with barriers to employment, we have a Job Placement Pre-approval Program. This program pre-qualifies a potential student with a chosen employer prior to enrolling at IITR. This enables us to assure the agency and the student a career upon graduation. For more information on Pre-approval, contact Amanda in Job Placement at this toll free number: (888) 438-2235