Our Fleet

IITR Road Tractor-Trailers
Our road tractor-trailers used for on the road training are what is actually used in our industry today. Your tractor-trailer training will be predetermined prior to starting the road and yard portion of our program. This insures you will receive a quality training program and not a "whatever is available today" schedule used by other less structured schools. Our road tractors are modern, well maintained and exceptionally nice conventional tractors designed with your education in mind. We have Cummins, Cat, Detroit engines as well as a variety of transmission patterns. All of our road trailers are loaded and range from 27', 40', 45', 48' vans, doubles, and a flatbed. 

Some of our Training Equipment

IITR Yard Tractor-Trailers
Our yard tractor-trailers have also been selected to simulate the typical vehicle used in the transportation industry. In addition to driving forward, at IITR, our students are taught all yard maneuvers. These maneuvers include pre-trip, in-route and post-trip inspections. Our backing maneuvers consist of straight backing, sightside angle backing, and blindside angle backing. Maneuvers are practiced with conventional and cabover tractors using long and short trailers. Other yard maneuvers include installing tire chains, adjusting brakes, raising cabs, sliding 5th wheels and tandem axles. All maneuvers are practiced on a well lit, black topped lot utilizing stripes, cones, barrels, and stopping blocks to simulate loading docks.

If you want to steer clear of "no's" on your job application upon graduation, experience the broad range of tractor-trailer combinations and real life simulations IITR has to offer.

IITR Simulator
Prior to actually driving a tractor-trailer, IITR has designed and built a shifting simulator to enable students to have an opportunity to learn double clutching and shifting in a controlled environment. Because both of these maneuvers are usually a very difficult process to learn, our shifting simulator has enabled our students to be much better skilled before actually getting behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer. We are also able to change transmission gear patterns enabling our students to experience a variety of transmissions. Because of our simulator, our students are better prepared and not nearly as intimidated by an actual tractor-trailer. Although the simulator certainly can't take the place of actual road driving, ask any current IITR student or graduate about its benefits. The simulator is available in Clackamas only. Students from other campuses are welcome to use the simulator during scheduled visits.

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Our Doubles