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Student Testimonials

David Thompson, call sign UFO

Dear Dave:
I wanted to write and let you and your students know what I've been up to and how I have been doing since graduating from IITR in June 2000. First, I want to thank you for the training you provided. I enjoy driving and couldn't imagine a better profession. Upon graduation, I went to work for Dick Simon as a company driver. They provided 3 weeks of behind the wheel training, and after that I got a brand new 2000 century class with an automatic transmission. I got 22 cents per mile to start, with several raises within the first year. At the end of the first year as a company driver, I had earned $38,000. A year after hiring on with Dick Simon, the company declared chapter 11 and was bought out by Central Trucking. The company is now Central Refrigerated Services. Other than the name and becoming a smaller company not much else has changed. It's a good company and I would recommend it. We do hire new graduates, provide an average of 3 weeks training and your students might want to look into it. It was certainly a good experience for me. Their number is (800) 777-9100.

After a year and a few months, I decided to become an owner operator with the same company. The company acted as a middle man and for no money down I am leasing a brand new 2002 Freightliner Columbia (It has an automatic transmission. I figured why shift if you don't have to). I drive exclusively for Central Refrigerated and get 82 cents per mile. My gross for the year has been about $147,000 and net after expenses about $70,000. I get basically all the miles I want and have averaged for the year 15,000 miles per month. It is my goal to increase that average to 16,000 per month this year. I now am out of debt and have an investment portfolio of about $100,000. I will buy my truck for
cash in October, for $30,000 and save $24,000 in lease payments. That will increase my income to a net of about $100,000 per year, driving about 15,000 miles per month. To save money I gave up my apartment, my car and put my belongings into storage. I travel with my cat and live out of my truck. In my truck, I have carpeting, XM satellite
radio, a killer CB, a propane stove, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, TV, VCR and DSS satellite dish with over 100 channels, all run by a 1700 watt inverter, a cell phone, lap-top computer and I do live comfortably. Its home, although slightly smaller than an RV. I generally stay out 3 months and then take 2-3 days off. That may be a lot, but my cat doesn't mind.

The two things I enjoy the most about professional driving are the freedom and the income. I have seen every part of every state, and have seen everything from bald eagles, moose, bear, big horn sheep, elk, antelope and all kinds of deer. I have driven next to calm mountain lakes, babbling streams, awesome raging rivers, frozen lakes and snow covered mountains. It is all so very beautiful and while driving, have earned more money than I would have believed possible. Nobody is my boss, nobody looks over my shoulder and as long as the freight gets there on time, I can do the job the way I want. Thanks IITR.

David Thompson, call sign UFO

(This letter was received June, 2003. Below is the picture of his new truck ...Click to enlarge)

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Sept 20, 2003

Hi Amanda.
Please convey my thanks to the teaching staff of class CL3-9 for their guidance and patience during my attendance at IITR Truck School.

Many aspects of the class were much more challenging than I had expected, and successful completion of the class is very rewarding and something I am very proud of.

I would especially like to thank Bob and Paul for their coaching during the driving sessions the school provides. Their patience and expertise were instrumental in my understanding of the concepts involved.

And special thanks to Jim McKinney for the yard training and personal support he provided.

Although the course is challenging, all members of the staff are very supportive and were a pleasure to work with.

Looking forward to a fulfilling career,
Steve Weigand
Class CL3-9
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Dear Dave,
Thursday, April 26th, you met with all members of our truck driving class to make a few encouraging comments and suggestions for preparing to take and pass our CDL driving test this past weekend. You gave to each of us a critique form relating to our eight-week training course which we were asked to complete and return to you. However, it is my candid opinion that more could and should be said about these past eight weeks.

When my son, Jimmy, and I walked into Dan Simpson's office March 2nd to discuss the possibility of attending IITR, Dan proceeded in a most thoughtful, methodical and effective manner to tell us the IITR story and what we would gain and how we would benefit from attending your training course. After spending an hour with Dan, we were persuaded and motivated to enroll, and the following Monday we were in class.

That Monday morning, you spoke to our class first, laying out further details, making encouraging comments relating to what we could expect from IITR and what would be expected of us over the next eight weeks. When you finished your remarks, we were further convinced we had made a right decision when we decided to attend IITR.

Lloyd Potter spoke to us the remainder of our four-week classroom studies, and in his memorable and inimitable "very basic, very simple, almost embarrassed" classroom manner, he helped us learn the rudiments of truck driving, and all of us knew when finished, we had spent twenty exceptionally profitable days with a man who knew what he was about, drawing upon his vast truck driving experiences out there where the rubber meets the road. In all my discussions with other members of our class, consensus is that Lloyd is definitely the right man for the job.

Not knowing what to expect next when we were transferred to begin practicing actual truck driving experiences, we were immediately and favorably impressed with your yard staff, headed up by your lead yard instructor, Bennie Harrison. One thing we noticed about Bennie is that, with his vast truck driving experience, he, without a doubt, knows and understands the big truck-driving picture, yet he is exceptionally competent when it becomes necessary to focus in on the minute, seemingly insignificant little parts of the big picture, and not once did we see him tire nor hesitate to help those of us who didn't.

In Jim McKinney, Harold McDowell, Frank Egger, Dale Brooks and Debbie Harrison, we found an equal measure of noteworthy competence as instructors, and when our four training weeks ended, each of us was convinced that these instructors, headed up by Bennie, were, without a single exception, committed and dedicated to our success as student trainees. Proof can be found in that each of us had no difficulty passing our tests and getting that much coveted CDL, and for that, we shall be forever grateful.

It was nothing short of phenomenal to talk with nearly all members of our class and learn that they each had been hired or were going to be hired, thanks to the organized efforts of Jennifer Rush.

In short, thanks to you, Dave, in training us to become courteous, professional, competent and safe drivers, IITR, from us, receives very high marks for excellence. You have very ably put together an organization which functions in its purpose much the same as one of your fine-tuned, well-oiled diesel engines, running ready, willing and definitely able to do what it is supposed to do.

It has been a pleasure to have been a student at IITR, and be assured that we too will tell the IITR story wherever we go.

Thank you again,
Fred Hardin, former student
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May 16, 2003

Dear Dave Riggins,
I am a recent graduate of your Creswell branch. This note is to commend your staff, all of whom were polite, courteous, informative and patient.

However, Clyde Runyon went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I and a couple of others were adequately prepared for the drive test.

Although I had no problem understanding the concepts of shifting, when pressured there was a vital step I was skipping. I have no doubt that had Clyde not taken the time and had the tenacity to work through it one more time I would not have passed the CDL test. As it was, I was not faulted on shifting during the test.

Clyde is a rare and valuable asset, he is a teacher, not only does he have extensive knowledge, but he is committed to finding ways to ensure that others may benefit from it.

Jeremy Linnett
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I just wanted to tell you that I passed the Oregon class A CDL exam today! I was biting bullets during the whole pre-trip test and driving test. I forgot to pre-select a few times and didn't know what one sign said when he asked me and when I pulled back in to the yard and the examiner tossed his clip board on to the dash board I thought I failed but when he asked me to back up I knew I won the license. What a relief and a very rewarding experience.

I want to say IITR is the best investment I or any one else wanting to be a truck driver could make in their education. You and your staff have the highest quality school. All the instructors are the most professional and the most dedicated to turning out the safest commercial truck drivers in the industry.

I want to thank Jim and Paul and Bill and Doc for an up beat program and keeping our class in the highest moral. And Amanda for the great job placement she did for me. I will always recommend IITR to any one who wants to get their CDL.

Again thank you Dave! See you on down the road!

Class - CL03-6
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November 08, 2003
Dear Mr. Riggins
I'm writing you this letter to let you know how impressed I am with your training program, specifically the Medford campus.

As a recent graduate (10/17/03), I would like to thank Bud Williams and Bil Wiede for their professionalism and for sharing their knowledge and experience.

I chose your school for the small class size and the flexibility of scheduling. I hope you continue to offer these same qualities for future students, as they are an attribute to your school. I found your program to be very educational and doubt that I could have obtained my CDL otherwise.

I would also like to include a note to you regarding Bud Williams, my primary instructor. I truly appreciate his sense of humor and his endless patience. In my opinion, he is a true professional and a great teacher.

Michael T. Buckmaster
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November 14, 2003
Dear Mr. Riggins
I would like to express my appreciation for the superior quality of instruction I received at your Medford Campus. Bill and Bud were a true joy and were the most professional, competent and caring instructors I have ever had the pleasure of being educated by.

Bill makes an excellent lead instructor, he is very meticulous and really cares about not only his students, but also about the reputation of the school he represents.

I can't think of anything to improve on the quality of education at your Medford Campus, it is superior.

Keep up the good work; I really feel I got my monies worth.

Ida Kvasnikoff
Class #MC03-11
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