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Student Testimonials

February 22, 2005
Dear Dave,
Thank you for the last seven years of a great career! I graduated late '97 from IITR in Portland. I turned to your school in desperation because I had just spent $60,000 on a college education (I am a graduate of the University of Montana in Wildlife Biology) and worked less than five years in the wildlife field before government funding was cut which caused the Forest Service, Fish and Game, and many private timber companies (I worked for Longview Fiber) to lay off employees in mass, offer early retirement with no hiring replacements, or otherwise outsource. These organizations and companies could not continue to afford to keep employees that the government no longer paid for, or mandated. My chosen filed suddenly became a situation where PHD scientists were accepting jobs at Bachelors Degree rates and levels and being grateful for the chance to stay in the wildlife field. So I had a choice. I could go back to school, get my masters and doctorate which involved incredible debt and many years of time investments, or I could change professions.

I opted to change professions, and I have never regretted my decision a moment. Your school, IITR, was amazing. The professional instructors went out of their way to make sure everyone was safe, and very well educated. We were taught the meaning of what it truly meant to be a PROFESSIONAL DRIVER. I was especially grateful for the careful instructions on how to quickly and efficiently chain-up.. which I've passed on to many drivers since. Since graduation, I've never had the fear of unemployment. I think the feeling of job security is priceless no matter what industry or profession you're in.

After I got some OTR experience, I started working for a very wonderful little company in Longview, Washington, Lower Columbia Trucking. We haul paper from the mills throughout the area down to Southern California and backhaul numerous products back up to the Portland/Seattle area. I make a very satisfying living doing these line-runs. I usually work only four days a week with three-day weekends. I've been with this company now for over five years. Its small enough everyone knows everyone else and we all are one big family both at home and on the road. IITR made my life possible, and it is with very appreciative and humble thanks I send you this letter.

Jennifer Taylor

P.S. My income and stability in trucking has allowed me to qualify to buy my own grandparents land back from strangers and fulfill a dream of owning the little farmhouse I was born in.
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August 24, 2005

Hi, This is Tom Graf, I was in the class CL05-2. You just left me a message the other day and I apologize for not returning your call promptly. I am still working with Joel Olson and everything is going great. I really enjoy working for him. I still see your trucks quite a bit, because I load out of a brick plant near by. I am really grateful for the excellent training IITR taught, I would recommend IITR to anyone. You all do a great job.

Tom Graf
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August 29, 2005

I stopped by to say "Hi". Steve and I are team driving for Interstate. Hey, our Freightliner is an automatic so don't worry - I don't have to shift! Yeah. I got 6 months in with "May" however and drove the 13 speed Volvo all over the country and loved it. Miracles do happen. Hope you're doing well. Say Hi to Jerry for me.

Marcia Waldorf
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