Testimonials 7

November 29, 2017

My name is William Majerak... I just graduated the school and what an amazing adventure it was cannot say enough about the instructors Jeff and Danny. The Education and Training I got is unsurpassable they were always there for any questions definitely kept me on my toes above and beyond. Jeff became like family to me had tears in my eyes saying goodbye. The office staff was amazing as well working with me as I had to pay for this out of my pocket. Since I have graduated so many doors have opened for me.. Anybody thinking about driving and need some education you need to go here I can't say enough about these folks.. Thank you IITR for giving me a new life most of all a lifelong career
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January, 2012

Good Evening Marilyn:

Thank you for all your support and assistance regarding my employment!

WorkSource paid for all of my training and licensing for a Class A CDL at IITR Truck Driving School, over $5,000.  I graduated and passed the state examination on January 20th, and now hold a Class A CDL with all the necessary endorsements.  In my opinion, it is a great option for almost anyone that is interested in never being out of work.  Many options are available to those that hold a Class A CDL, even numerous local jobs without experience.  I believe you could help many other people with this option.  If you would like more information, please contact Dave Riggins (President), daver@iitr.net or Amanda Watson (Admissions and Placement Director), amandaw@iitr.net. The school phone number is  (503) 657-8225, fax number (503) 657-3620.  This school has the highest caliber of instructors and management, is accredited and provides lifetime placement.  This is not just a school, it is an extremely professional college that could be compared to "Top Gun"!

I need to make a decision regarding my employment direction this week and will meet with Waste Connections tomorrow morning.  My other best option is Swift Transportation Company and go over the road.  I like Swift because they offer a corporate headquarters that is local, have many terminals with "facilities" in the areas I enjoy, and provide most of the compensation and benefits that most of the other companies offer.

It is nice to be in demand again and not be concerned with the economy so much!

Best Regards,

Tracy W. Black
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November, 2011
To the Staff and Prospective Students,

I attended IITR's truck driving school in the fall of 2011. And I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Some history. I was a 26 year veteran in the semiconductor industry. When the economy tanked 3 years ago I found that I was one of the millions scrambling to provide from my family. After working for not much more than minimum wage at a number of dead end jobs. Then one day a couple of months ago I saw a truck driving school truck and it like a bolt of lightning hit me, "I should learn to drive a truck". Like I said it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I researched a number of different schools that were less expensive. But you get what you pay for. The reputation this school has with many of the major carriers and local companies is well worth it. They know that graduates from this school are fully trained to enter the trucking industry as entry level drivers.

Another advantage this school has over anyone else in the state is that they are nationally accredited. This means when they say they have a 91% placement rating that's what it is.

The staff at IITR are top notch. The instructors are passionate about teaching you to drive safely all the while keeping the curriculum interesting and relating real life experiences to help students succeed.

Randall Sherwood
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December, 2010

Dear Dave and IITR,

I am a former student who went through your training program at the Redmond Campus and graduated 9/24/10.

I had never touched a big-rig before going to your school, but when I finished your course, I was well on my way to driving a CMV. It has changed my life!

I had two instructors. Ken and Lloyd. It was very important to me to learn from someone who was qualified. Ken and Lloyd have so much experience and they combine that with a warm, friendly yet professional attitude.

Each instructor has a different teaching style so they can reach a student on many learning levels. I am not mechanically inclined at ALL, so had MANY questions and it takes me longer to absorb new information.

Ken and Lloyd not only took the time I needed, but encouraged me to ask and learn every step of the way. We all worked hard, but we also had fun. I never felt stupid or intimidated. I had a great sense of accomplishment. Now I am driving for one of the top transportation companies and having the time of my life! I still have soooo much to learn but with what I learned in training and from Ken and Lloyd at IITR, I am confident that I will have a great beginning at an exciting career.

I highly recommend IITR. Everyone I dealt with there made my experience a GREAT one, from office personnel (Amanda...you're awesome!) to the instructors, Ken and Lloyd. Thank you all sooooo much!

Lori Guzzetta
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July, 2010

Thanks for this opportunity. Bud, Cathy and Corey are professionals and know how to teach. There was NO chink in their armor. Best learning experience I've had since Navy flight school. And that says alot !

Graduated 7/3/2010 and I passed state examiner drive with a '94' and ACED the pre-trip !!!

Brad Norgart
Klamath Falls , OR
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December, 2009

My name is Ricardo M Sandoval.

I completed your Course on March 21,2008.

I would like to thank you again for all your help getting me funded by the VA.

I have a wonderful job with the county of Clackamas in the roads department.

I drive dump truck and other heavy equipment.

Thanks again to all your staff especially my trainer Mr. Hawk.

Sandoval R.M. - U.S.M.C.
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January, 2009
Amanda and staff of IITR,
My experience coming to your school was rewarding in many ways.

The staff was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable of the industry. I found myself looking forward to coming to school everyday and was sad to go, but ready to start applying what I learned in school at a job that paid. I think all professional drivers should be required to attend some type of training in a school setting. I have noticed that the skills that I learned at IITR have given me a leg up on experienced drivers. There are drivers out there who have trouble putting on chains, backing up, and other skills that your school makes a point of teaching us.

I am thankful for the opportunities that only an accredited school can offer and the network that you have established with employers gives a graduate a lifetime of job placement if necessary. I was fortunate enough to have found the perfect job with a local company that probably would have never given me a opportunity if it was not for Amanda and her recommendation.

I had some challenges to overcome, but Amanda was very helpful in helping me overcome those challenges. If you want something bad enough and you are willing to put forth the effort, IITR will help you get to were you want to be in the trucking industry.

Thank you for a great experience, please let the staff know that I appreciate their efforts and the knowledge that they shared, and may you all be blessed.

Tony Pendergrass
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